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5 Benefits of Lash Extensions you might not know

Lashes by Tiffany Martin

You just want people to notice how beautiful you are and the right lash extensions will do that for you. Here are 5 benefits you may not have thought about.

1. When using makeup. When it comes to eye make-up, opt for cream eye shadows over powders, as powder particles can collect in those beautiful lashes. Always avoid using face wipes and cotton wool as the fibers can tangle in your lashes. Please! Always remember to clean your lashes.

2. Your Eyes look bigger and brighter. When you look brighter, more alert and more attentive, everyone around you will notice and remember that beautiful girl. When you're on the job or looking at that special someone, the right lash extensions for your face will make a difference.

3. Wake up ready and pretty. The morning rush becomes less rushed - you wake up ready to go (he will be wondering why you look so gorgeous before you even leave the bed). No more worrying about forgetting to remove your eye makeup and just jump in bed.

4. Want Cat eyes? Longer Lashes at the corners of your eyes will give you what your looking for. Wait till everyone sees you rock this look!

5. Thick, but short? Long, but sparse? The right lash artist can make longer eyelashes look thicker or shorter lashes longer. Having the right lash extensions for your face will enhance those beautiful eyes he fell for.

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