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5 Reasons Women Desire Long, Full Lashes

When it comes to eyes, having the right eyelash look is a must. Mascara is the one cosmetic that most women would choose over any other beauty aid. Women spend a lot of time on their eyes and trying to get that perfect look. Here are 5 reasons women love their lashes.

1. Eyes are at the center - Eyelashes frame the most important part of a persons face, the eyes. What do people remember most when looking into someones eyes? That's right, the eyes. If you frame your most valuable art work, why not have a pretty frame for those eyes. A women puts more emphasis on what they do to make her eyes - and her - more attractive. That's why every women wants full, long eyelashes to frame her eyes.

2. Beautiful Eyes are Universal - Across the world, beautiful eyes are a symbol of beauty. Having long beautiful lashes frames the eyes and makes the eyes more appealing. Having long lashes makes the eyes seem bigger and more alert. Alert eyes are associated with youth and fertility and is why it's almost a "built-in" attraction.

3. Women look better with pretty Lashes - You talk with our eyes and having them standout with great lashes gets you noticed and your point across better. When a women's eyes look great, they look great for that perfect picture, meeting or that special date. Having great eyelashes shows off your eyes, which shows off your confidence.

4. Men fall for Eyes - When surveyed, men rank a women's eyes as what attracts them the most. Women know this and is why they spend so much time making sure their lashes are perfect.

5. Beauty Shortcut - Having great looking lashes makes the rest of a women's makeup much less necessary. We naturally look into someones eyes when they are more open and inviting. When the eyes have that right look - a women is ready for anything.

If you agree that eyelashes are at the center of your beautiful face and may have sparse, short, or light eyelashes that are barely noticeable, then you should consider eyelash extensions. If you are spending a lot of your morning trying to darken, thicken and curl your lashes, then lash extensions are a must. You choose the look you want from glamourus, flirty or beautiful natural. They look like they are your because they are attached to your natural lashes individually. Best of all, you look great right when you wake up ready to take on the world.

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