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Covid-19 Precautions for Reopening

Flu and Corona Virus (COVID-19) Protection at the Studio

There is nothing more important to us than our customer’s safety and well-being. For this reason, we have reviewed our standard disease-control processes and have revisited and enhanced these practices considering the recent Coronavirus concerns.

Steps we are taking to prevent the spread of the Flu and COVID-19 to customers and employees

As standard practice, all staff members are trained to follow personal hygiene habits suggested by the CDC, state and local public health departments. In addition, we have implemented heightened cleaning regimens (including the use of disinfectants known to work on similar viruses), increased health-related signage and have added hand disinfectant to all service rooms. All therapists already wash their hands and disinfect all materials used during a service after each service. Additionally, the studio has been certified in infection control by completing a thorough online course.

We will take the temperature of each patient with a digital thermometer as they enter the spa. If the temperature is elevated, we will need to reschedule your appointment.

All waiting areas will be constantly disinfected during the day.

We will limit the number of patients allowed in each day and schedule more transition time in between appointments. Masks, gloves, and face shields are available if requested during procedures.

What precautions should customers take?

We simply request the cooperation of our entire community in maintaining a safe studio environment so we urge anyone that has mild cold or flu-like symptoms to follow the advice of health officials and stay home while sick to help protect others. Should you need to cancel due to illness, we will waive our 24-hour cancellation policy for now.

Patients are required to wear masks into the studio and post-procedure when checking out.

Can you be declined service if you are exhibiting symptoms?

If you have mild cold-like symptoms, health officials encourage you to stay home while sick and avoid close contact to help protect others. For the safety of everyone, our licensed service providers are permitted to decline service to any customer exhibiting contagious symptoms and will reschedule your appointment. We have likewise instructed our staff that if they exhibit any of the numerous COVID-19 symptoms, they should stay home. Should you need to cancel for any health-related reason, we will waive the 24-hour notice period for the time being.

We appreciate your concern and cooperation we will continue to monitor the situation and take additional measures if or when they become necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. We look forward to serving you and please contact us if you have any questions.

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