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Procell Micro-Channeling is a “lunch-time” treatment that transforms the look and feel of damaged skin to a smoother, healthier looking skin.  


What does the treatment involve?   

The treatment involves very small micro-needles that penetrate the upper layers of your skin creating small, micro-injuries. These micro-injuries stimulate a natural healing response, which leads to the creation of new collagen.  Over the course of several treatments, this repetitive healing process can create a new layer of collagen that can improve the overall appearance of your skin.


What can areas can be treated?

Micro-Channeling can used anywhere on the face and body where skin imperfections are located. Treatments can smooth out imperfections and improve the surface texture of your skin. Your skin will appear cleaner and healthier after a series of treatments.  Micro-Channeling can help with skin tightening, anti-aging, wrinkles around your eyes, acne scars and even Rosacea.   Please schedule a complimentary consultation for pricing!

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