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We pride ourselves on offering top tier services and a one of a kind experience. This is all made possible by our incredible staff of specialists and industry leading professionals.  

Whitney Tiffany Martin Lash Extensions Lift Best Medical Spa West Midtown Atlanta

Meet the girl behind the syringe. I’m Whitney Hart, a Aesthetic Injector with experience in emergency medicine and aesthetic medicine. I specialize in Botox, dermal fillers and Kybella. My specialties (Loves) include profile balancing and lip augmentation. I develop individualized treatment plans for every client in order to yield the most beautiful, balanced, natural result. Using a combination of techniques, I am able to achieve a result that you will love and will keep you looking like your best self.  Schedule a free consultation with me at Bnew Beauty Studios in West Midtown, Atlanta. 


Tiffany began her lash career in 2014 as she graduated from Elaine Sterling Institute in Sandy Springs GA. She trained with a veteran of the industry and immediately knew she had found her passion. Coming from a design background Tiffany is a perfectionist when it comes to her work and focuses on making every detail perfect. She is a pro at the art of application and creating a custom design and strives to make every client look and feel their best. As the owner of B-New Beauty, Tiffany wants every client to walks away from B-New feeling beautiful projecting confidence with their gorgeous custom set of eyelash extensions and beauty services.

Connie Derma Lip Fillers b12 injections Best MEDSPA Atlanta

Connie is our new Nurse Practitioner, who has come to our practice after working over 8 years as a medical professional. Connie has exceptional clinical background, with specialities in Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Primary Care, Orthopedics,and Pain management. So in addition to looking great, you will also feel great during your treatment, with Connies light touch and exceptional care to make the experience pain free & calming. Connie has been well trained  and certified in aesthetics by AMET(Aesthetic Medical Educators Training), AAFE(American Academy of Facial Esthetics), and GALDERMA & ALLERGAN. With great knowledge in a variety of injectables like fillers for the lips, cheeks, eyes, fine lines, etc. As well as several neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport. Connie loves to educate her clients, and have them walk away feeling great & understanding the medicine & science  behind the beauty. When not working in the clinical setting, Connie enjoys a great run outdoors, hiking, or spending quality time with her 2 beloved dogs.

terrelle Hunt atlanta med spa

Terrelle Hunt is a Lead Medical Esthetician, Makeup Artist and Trainer. Terrelle focuses on advanced facials, peels, procell therapies, dermaplaning and will give you a beautiful glow using her celebrity makeup techniques for your next event!  She is a also skincare expert and holds conferences and training sessions for both clients and advancing estheticians at B-New Beauty Studio.

Instagram: @terrelle_hunt_esthetics

Arpana facial hydrafacial best medspa atlanta

After working hands on with numerous organic, botanical and pharmaceutical grade skin care lines with numerous highend  day spas, I added a few more learning certificates while  owning and operating a skin studio for 6 years:  Certified in Microdermabrasion 2007,Chemical skin peel   2014, Microneedling 2014, Microbladding 2015, Hydrafacial 2019 and Eyelash and Eyebrow lift  2018.  Throughout these 16 years of being in this amazing  industry it still fascinates me to see the changes, the advancements  in science, products and technology, on how we can  achieve the most glowing healthy skin from the inside out.  

West Midtown Atlanta Medcal Spa B-NEW Beauty Studio
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